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  about the artist
The artist uses recycled materials from old theater sets; shoji screens, bits of fabric and post-industrial debris to develop a matrix of images. The fragile nature of the materials, the limited palette and the inclusion of various mechanical fragments contribute to a personal landscape. The use of these delicate and decaying materials is countered by the application of ink and paint in smudges and fields that ground the image
For the viewer her collages may be understood as constructions of memory and desire, fragments of information, descriptions of the aura of interior spaces, architecture or landscape. They may be read as otherworldly, timeless perceptions of elemental, a priori understandings that are deeply emotional. The work can be a pathway for considering the big themes of life and art - loss, desire, longing and death.
In the secret reordering of the collages, grief is veiled, sometimes hidden; in the end it never fails to manifest itself by addressing our own. Thus "the junction" comes to pass through a discreet to-and-fro of emotions that beckons us to silence and contemplation. Here she is today, still pursuing her way, her style more refined than ever. Her most recent collages have a subtle beauty whose bareness approaches invisibility.
A. D. Tinkham
Margaret A. Miller
Marie Chaix